YVHS Reunion

 Yucca Valley, CA


September 13-15, 20200 – Henderson Nevada

Greetings YVHS-ers!

Our next reunion for classes of 1969-1974 was planned for September 13-15th, 2022 – but it’s not to be.

Well, friends, this may not be good news to some, but we have had a very poor response to the upcoming reunion in Henderson, NV. It is understandable as we age, (I absolutely did not want to say that!), that more problems associated with getting somewhere (we will blame most of the travel issues on Covid), as well as our health or health of loved ones, becomes a little more challenging. There appear to be many roadblocks with illness, transportation, and the unknown regarding Covid. Therefore, the committee took a vote and the result was to postpone this reunion to sometime in the future. We know that you would all like to see each other again, but this does not appear to be the right time or year.

We hope to revisit this again, but those that have made their reservations can either cancel, or take the trip and have a great vacation!

Back to the future!

Your reunion committee


So, this is where the YVHS 2022 Reunion would have taken place:

Sunset Station – Henderson, NV  –  https://www.sunsetstation.com  September 13-15th, 2022

Please visit their website and you will see all it has to offer. In addition, there are public golf courses nearby, more restaurants (should you not like the many offered at the resort), entertainment on-site, and of course, the casino, pool, lounges, bowling alley, etc. There is a shuttle to and from both the airport and the strip if you care to go to Vegas. You can be as active, or relaxed as you like. The trip is yours. Meet up with your fellow alumni; make plans to meet the next day; dine together; shop or play. It is all about visiting, catching up, eating, and whatever else you would like to do! Remember—this is not like our 50th reunion celebration. We can never repeat that!

We are looking into trying to organize some type of meal, hors d’oeuvres, or a cocktail hour where everyone can congregate and see where our days together lead. More on that to come….

We hope to see everyone there!

Also, please update your information (if it has changed) on the website. We will not be hunting anyone down this time around, so if you want to stay informed, please update!

Go Trojans!

Your Reunion Committee

 From the first blast:

First things first—

Much has happened in everyone’s lives since 2020 with the devastation of Covid. We hope that you all made it through OK as well as your families and loved ones.

Early in that time frame, a questionnaire was sent out to all alumni for classes ’69-’74 asking what kind of destination you would like for our next reunion. We had no idea at the time what we would all be facing in the coming months/years. When the results were tallied, a west coast cruise garnered the majority of the votes. The committee vetoed that as time passed, and Covid did not. To this day, we do not feel that we can arrange this type of reunion due to the mandated vaccinations, testing, and the fact that many ships still have Covid on board despite all the rules, vaccine passports and negative testing prior to embarkation. Not something we care to get involved with as we do not want to put anyone’s health at risk. Maybe another year, another reunion.…

In second place was a hotel destination, with the majority saying outside of Yucca and some saying outside California. So, this is what we will be doing:

We tried to keep the venue cost-effective, easy to get to by car or air, and a place that had enough to do that we would not have to leave to find entertainment, but close enough to other activities that it would not be a big deal to venture out for those that would like to.